Aircon Service – Coolcare, Singapore

n Singapore, aircon installation and aircon service maintenance are more important to protect our health in ambient temperature and Save our repair cost to prevent the aircon issue. Cause, these days one of the big investments we provide for aircon. So aircon maintenance is a must and it might get by a professional aircon service from here.

Aircon servicing is the process of cleaning the accumulated dirt and dust for an indoor unit and outdoor unit. When you follow up on the aircon servicing for your aircon, Definitely your aircon could not face aircon repair and could not give any troubles. So that you could keep your aircon for long years, then you can always get fresh chill air to reduce ambient high temperature and lessen your tension by Maintain the aircon servicing.

Advantage of Aircon service

Extend aircon lifespan – Aircon servicing can help increase the aircon lifespan for many years
Prevent Health Issue – If you avoid aircon service for your aircon. It forms more dirt, dust, and bacteria. It causes bad odour from your aircon; It may affect your health when you sense that bad odour smell. So you should do aircon service properly to prevent health issues.
Clean air – The aircon service helps sense the clean air without any dust particles.
Prevent unexpected aircon issue – When you do aircon servicing properly through a chemical overhaul and chemical wash. You could gradually avoid the aircon issue as well as save your money.
Save Electricity – Aircon service will help to save your electricity bill. After aircon service, your aircon does not take more time to cool the room to save your electric charge.