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Amazonite, a charming assortment of potassium feldspar having a place with the Microcline mineral class, shows a hypnotizing cluster of tints including purple, dim, green, and blue, with its most... Read More

Black Agate Jewelry is a kind of chalcedony, a mineral that has a place with the quartz family and is known for its fine-grained microcrystalline surface. Dissimilar to black onyx,... Read More

Synthetic Amber, commonly associated with shades ranging from yellow to orange, actually exhibits a diverse array of colors. These hues span from traditional warm tones to unexpected shades like green... Read More

Jade, a silicate mineral frequently associated with East Asian art, belongs to the Jadeite class of minerals and is categorised under the monoclinic crystal system. While it is commonly recognized... Read More

Pink Agate a distinct variety of chalcedony, is recognized for its charming pink hue, translucent quality, and intricate patterns, making it a sought-after gemstone admired for its beauty and perceived... Read More

Shungite is a unique and uncommon mineral that is mostly found in Russia; its estimated age is two billion years. Shungite is distinguished by its distinct makeup, which includes fullerenes,... Read More

The crystal Pearl is reputed to embody purity, innocence, and faith while also possessing metaphysical properties purported to boost the immune system, ward off negative energies, and foster spiritual growth.... Read More

Petrified Wood is essentially plant material that has undergone fossilization, transforming into stone over time. The term "petrified" originates from the Greek word petra, meaning stone, reflecting the process of... Read More

Herkimer diamonds are recognized as 'the stone of attunement,' representing elevated vibrational light and clarity to facilitate higher attunement and astral connections. It is believed that they assist in detoxifying... Read More

In the world of Gemstone Jewelry, where artistry meets spiritually, Malachite arises as a spellbinding gemstone, eminent for its striking green tones and convincing healing properties. This remarkable stone has... Read More