Back to the Future: WineRed Reimagines Vintage for the Fearless Woman of 2024

Fashion, like history, is cyclical. Trends from bygone eras constantly find their way back into the spotlight, reinterpreted and refreshed for the modern woman. At WineRed, we understand the power of a well-placed vintage reference. It's not just about nostalgia, it's about harnessing the essence of a confident, bold past and infusing it with the contemporary spirit of the WineRed woman.
This year, the fashion world is experiencing a full-fledged vintage revival. From the roaring twenties' flapper dresses to the grunge rebellion of the nineties, iconic styles are making a comeback with a modern twist. WineRed, ever inspired by the fearless woman, has embraced this trend in our latest collections, reimagining vintage pieces for the strong, sophisticated woman of 2024.
A Touch of the Twenties: Power Dressing, Redefined
The roaring twenties were all about breaking free from societal constraints. Women embraced shorter hemlines and looser silhouettes, a spirit we wholeheartedly celebrate at WineRed. Our recent line of tailored pantsuits and sharp blazers in rich, luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk channels the power dressing of this era. But with a WineRed twist: think bolder shoulder pads, cinched waists, and unexpected pops of color like our signature burgundy (of course!).
Beyond Florals: Reimagining the Feminine through Bold Prints
Vintage florals are a classic, but WineRed doesn't shy away from a challenge. We've taken inspiration from floral prints of the past, using them as a base to create something entirely new. Our recent collection features bold, oversized florals in unexpected color palettes. Think fiery oranges and deep purples juxtaposed against classic black, creating a look that's both feminine and fiercely confident.
Sustainable Inspiration: Quality You Can Trust
At WineRed, our commitment to quality and sustainability goes hand in hand. We source and manufacture all our g