Fetal Echocardiography courses

About our premium Fetal Echocardiography courses

There are two options: 1. On-campus classes
2. Online eduAbout our premium Small Parts ultrasound courses

Eligibility Requirements:
1. MBBS with grey scale ultrasound experience
2. Sonographers with greyscale ultrasound experience (Foreign Nationales only)
Duration: three days
Brief summary of the contents:
Pathologies and sonographic anatomy of the breast, thyroid, parathyroid, salivary glands, scrotum, and penile…
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Brief summary of the contents:
Basic Physics and Instrumentation, Scanning Protocols, Machine Adjustment to Get the Best Picture Various views and windows, normal and abnormal foetal cardiac anatomy, thorough examination of all congenital cardiac anomalies, and foetal arrhythmias