Har ki Dun Trek- Himalaya Shelter

The picturesque Har Ki Dun Trek offers breathtaking views. It is located in the Himalayan area of Garhwal. The trail begins in the little village of Sankari, crosses the Supin River in Taluka to reach Osla, and terminates in Harki Dun. Hikers who complete this climb will be rewarded with vistas of towering Himalayan peaks, the mysterious Swargarohini mountain, and snow-covered glaciers. You will pass through ancient communities with handcrafted wooden structures, traditional dress, and peaceful traditions. Devsu Thatch, located on a beautiful meadow high above the Thamsa River, is unique in that it receives very few tourists. The excursion includes accommodation in Datmir and Gangaad and provides insight into the local way of life.