How to Integrate Automated Testing Into Your CI/CD Pipelines – Provar

If you’re here reading the Provar blog, it’s surely a priority to you to develop a strategy that ensures the quality and reliability of your applications. You likely either already have a testing strategy in place and are looking to enhance it, or you are doing the initial research to take the first step for your team. Either way, you will want to consider your testing approach for your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines as a fundamental part of your development workflow.

These pipelines facilitate the seamless integration of code changes, automated testing, and deployment processes, ultimately leading to shorter development cycles, faster time to market, and improved overall product quality. CI/CD pipelines automate the build, test, and deployment phases of the software development lifecycle. Continuous Integration involves regularly merging code changes into a shared repository, where automated builds and tests are triggered to validate the changes. Continuous Delivery extends this concept by automatically deploying code changes to various environments, such as testing or staging, for further validation. Continuous Deployment takes it a step further by automatically deploying changes to production after passing all tests.