Must-See Feminist Black Mermaid Film of the Year

As the anticipation for Disney's The Little Mermaid continues to build, there's another mermaid tale that is making waves in the film industry. ERZULIE, an independent film by Moth to Flame Films, featuring the first black mermaid on the big screen, is taking audiences by storm with its fierce feminism and socially conscious message. Supported by mermaid lovers and events such as the California Mermaid Convention, the International Mermaid Museum, and more… Erzulie is certified 'mermazing' by the merfolk community.

Director Christine Chen's love for 90s creature films and adventure movies is palpable in Erzulie. With its practical effects and strong female characters, the film is a breath of fresh air that harkens back to the glory days of creature features and adventure flicks. Chen's vision is to give teens and adults who loved The Little Mermaid as little kids, the same feelings of nostalgia and wonder.

The story follows four best friends as they embark on a journey into the swamps of Louisiana and encounter a mysterious lost woman. Inspired by the Haitian Voodoo Loa, Erzulie is a mermaid tale that explores feminism, environmental issues, and the complexities of female relationships.

What sets Erzulie apart from other mermaid films is its intricately woven plotline. This is not a remake in any form, and it delivers a fresh perspective on mermaid mythology and adventure films. The movie is perfect for those who want to graduate from Disney and experience an elevated and sophisticated adult creature feature, while still retaining the nostalgia of a 90s slumber party.

Representation matters, and Erzulie delivers with its diverse cast and socially conscious message. Starring Leila Annastasia Scott, the film tackles important issues like environmentalism and feminism in a way that feels both authentic and relevant.