One dead and two seriously injured in accidents at two places.

Korba One person died in an accident in Kartala area of Korba district, while his companion was seriously injured. Whereas the youth who got seriously injured after falling from the bike in Bango police station area has been referred from Podi to Bilaspur SIMS.
According to the information received, Arvind Oraon and his friend Ajit Oraon left their house riding a bike after taking a wedding procession from Beharchuan, but after going a short distance, both of them seriously collided with a tree. Arvind's father gave this information to his father Radheshyam Oraon by calling from mobile.
It is said that Radheshyam Oraon had gone out from there in search of his son Arvind and Ajit Oraon along with him when information was received that both of them were seriously injured and were immediately taken to Kartala CHC. On seeing him there, the doctor declared Arvind dead while his other companion Ajit Oraon was referred to the district hospital.
Where his treatment continues. Kartala Police has established route number 19/24 in this case on the information of informant Radheshyam Oraon. The investigation is ongoing. In another incident, it is being told that Manmohan Singh Gond under Pasan police station of the district was going to Bango police station area late in the evening with two other persons on his bike for a ride. Meanwhile, the bike went out of control and overturned due to which Manmohan Singh was seriously injured. In view of his serious condition there, he has been referred to Bilaspur SIMS for treatment.