OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Aiming for $7 Trillion for the Revolutionary Al Chip Project

In order to overhaul the global semiconductor industry, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAl is reportedly seeking trillions of dollars for investments in the very same.
Altman talks about getting investors like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as his potential investor for the very purpose of transforming the global semiconductor industry and ultimately expanding it, and the estimated cost would be around S; trillion to $7 trillion.
Altman, who was laid-off as OpenAl's CEO just last year, only to claim back his position has been seeking lime for discussions with potential investors but it should be taken into consideration that this amount is more than the combined valuations of the world's two most prized companies. Apple and Microsoft.
Altman is reasoning with his demand thal these funds are required for the development of advanced large language models as well as he focuses on the need for low cost energy sources for the development of PowerAl. He talks about numerous potential investors for the desperate need of chip fabrication plants. This project will include working with lop chip manufacturers and the network of fabs are predicted to be global in scope. As the manufacturing of chips is not cheap. they require huge amounts of natural resources alongside the billions of dollars in more-(