SkinQ Best Products for Brightening Dull Pigmented Skin

Looking for the best treatment for HyperPigmentation on your Face and Skin at Home? Hyperpigmentation is at the top of the list of skin issues that Indians deal with. It affects up to 30% of Indian men and more than 90% of Indian women. That's why knowing what this condition is and how to treat it with pigmentation products is critical. Sun damage/tanning, hormone changes, and skin irritation are all common causes that can lead to hyperpigmentation. India is a country that has the most melanin-rich skin types. And since Indian skin types tend to produce more melanin, they are more prone to black pigmentation on their face, skin, and neck. Our Glow / Anti-Pigmentation range has face wash, cream, serum, and facial kit products for pigmentation that are scientifically formulated with actives to brighten skin, control discoloration, remove surface tan instantly, and reduce pigmentation spots or patches due to excess melanin (pigment).