Spooky Testing Nightmares to Keep You Up at Night – Provar

When testing your Salesforce environment and attempting to keep quality as high as possible for an optimal end user experience, one wrong move can be haunting. Most testers have probably experienced a testing nightmare or two, which can be as spooky as making your way through a dark stretch of woods on Halloween night!

Without the proper precautions in place, unexpected surprises can lurk in every corner. From sudden updates wreaking havoc to the inefficiencies of managing extensive testing processes, these scenarios can send chills down the spine of even the most seasoned Salesforce professionals.

However, just like using garlic to ward off vampires, the right solutions can protect your Salesforce environment from these hair-raising experiences! In this special chilling blog post, we’re diving headfirst into three bone-chilling scenarios and the remedies that can help you rest easy. Happy Halloween!