Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Australia

Australian Valve is a major Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Australia. We ship to Western Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. An instrument for controlling the flow of gases and liquids is a triple eccentric butterfly valve. This valve is distinguished by its distinctive design, which has three eccentricities that lessen friction and wear while enhancing the valve's functionality. The body of the valve is made up of two parts that are joined by a stem in the centre that rotates to regulate fluid flow. The stem is coupled to a disc, which opens or stops the flow of fluid as the stem spins. The three eccentricities of the valve provide it a greater degree of fluid flow control by reducing stress on the disc and enhancing its seal. The valve is frequently employed in a variety of sectors, including the oil and gas industry, chemical manufacturing, and water treatment.
Australian Valve is the top Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Australia, offering a wide range of valves for various applications.

Flanged triple eccentric butterfly valve
Lug triple eccentric butterfly valve
Wafer triple eccentric butterfly valve

Class: PN10 to PN100
ANSI 150 to 600
Material: Cast iron, Ductile iron, Stainless steel (SS304, SS316, F304, F316, CF8, CF8M, SS316L, SS409L), Carbon steel, Duplex steel.
End Connection: Wafer, Lug, Flanged
Size: 2" to 72”
Operation: Handwheel, Gear Operated, Electric Actuated, Pneumatic Actuated