Location: Bulgaria

Bulgarian cow’s milk white cheese supplier in Qatar, locally known as “Bulgarsko byalo salamureno sirene,” is a beloved delicacy from the Balkans, representing a rich cultural tradition that dates back... Read More

Introducing Kashkaval Cheese, a semi-hard cheese of Bulgarian origin, crafted with an old traditional recipe and classic Balkan technology. This culinary delight comes in variations made from cow, sheep, or... Read More

1. The Albanian coast 2. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 3. Bansko, Bulgaria 4. Czechia (Czech Republic) 5. Estonia’s Baltic coast 6. Leipzig, Germany 7. London, England 8. The Peloponnese, Greece 9. Budapest, Hungary 10. Palermo, Sicily, Italy 11. Lake Ohrid, Macedonia 12. Kotor,... Read More